We don’t think so.

Compression garments and special materials are known to improve performance and recovery. Olympic and professional sport athletes use them to their advantage. It is long overdue for surfing.



I have been surfing for 24 years and in that time, I have experienced products from several different manufacturers. After wearing my i-Soldier this winter, I have come to the conclusion that your product is the best wetsuit that I have worn to date.

M. Nishimura

Finally got a chance to try out the new suit. It’s warmer and more comfortable than I expected. I cant believe how warm it was. I can say “I will never buy a wetsuit without the Isurus name on it.”

T. Hobbs

Just wanted to say after wearing my 3/2 i-Elite wetsuit daily for 3+ months, its still just as incredible.
I just purchased my second Isurus suit for the spring. This time the SAF 222.

J. Rowells

First couple of days suit was a little tough getting in and out. Ever since then I am right in and out of it, and it’s basically molded to me. Could never have imagined being so warm in 37° water, or so comfortable in a 5 mm.

J. Fenton

In case I didn’t tell you before, I Love my Isurus wetsuit! At my age (48), surfing is all about maintaining skill and fitness.
Improvement is pretty much no longer part of the equation, however.

M. Phelps