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          98% Impervious To Water

          Far Less Weight When Wet

          Fast Drying



What Is a Compression Wetsuit?



Isurus wetsuits are designed and lined with a specially woven material that helps get oxygen rich blood to your muscles when it is needed most.


Muscles that get increased blood flow and oxygen create less lactic acid, which allows you to surf stronger, stay warmer and perform better.

Compression: Just Another Gimmick?


We don’t think so.


Compression garments and special materials are known to improve performance and recovery. Olympic and professional sport athletes use them to their advantage. It is long overdue for surfing.


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What People Are Saying


I have been surfing for 24 years and in that time, I have experienced products from several different manufacturers. After wearing my i-Soldier this winter, I have come to the conclusion that your product is the best wetsuit that I have worn to date.

Finally got a chance to try out the new suit. It’s warmer and more comfortable than I expected. I cant believe how warm it was. I can say “I will never buy a wetsuit without the Isurus name on it.”

Just wanted to say after wearing my 3/2 i-Elite wetsuit daily for 3+ months, its still just as incredible.
I just purchased my second Isurus suit for the spring. This time the SAF 222.

First couple of days suit was a little tough getting in and out. Ever since then I am right in and out of it, and it’s basically molded to me. Could never have imagined being so warm in 37° water, or so comfortable in a 5 mm.

In case I didn’t tell you before, I Love my Isurus wetsuit! At my age (48), surfing is all about maintaining skill and fitness.
Improvement is pretty much no longer part of the equation, however.



M. Nishimura

One of my main concerns about wetsuit design is flexibility in the shoulder region. As an active 41 yr old, I have sustained minor shoulder injuries over time.

I believe every wetsuit I have worn over 3 mm has contributed to shoulder complications due to lack of flexibility in the recovery phase of the paddling stroke.

I believe that the downward resistance of the neoprene against the recovery motion of the stroke induces unnecessary fatigue.

When I looked at your design principles, I was hopeful that your products could help solve my problem. After speaking with you about your design philosphies I felt confident in purchasing an i-Soldier suit.

After 4 months of use, I am pleased to report that the i-Soldier has been the most flexible suit with a complete range of motion and minimal resistance.

With the shoulder flexibility addressed, I would also like to report on the performance of the suit.

My i-Soldier is the warmest suit I have owned. The closed cell Japanese Yamamoto neoprene that is used in your products is by far the most insulating material I have experienced.

The dry weight of the wetsuit belies the true warmth generated while using it. For a 454 suit, the i-Soldier is incredibly lightweight and dries quickly.

Thank you again for your innovation and commitment, I look forward to using your products in the future and recommending them to my peers.

M. Nishimura

T. Hobbs

Unbelievably warm, I really can’t say enough. Very impressed.

I have been surfing since 1974 and my father in law has been surfing since 1961, so you know we have been through a lot of neoprene and so far this is one of the best suits I have ever put on.

T. Hobbs

J. Rowells

My friends that I surf with seem to always have wet damp suits from the day before. Meanwhile mine are always dry! Makes putting on a full suit so much easier. The other thing is after years and years with other suits giving me rash behind my left armpit, the I-elite has never giving me rash. Insane!

Okay, the only thing I would recommend and its minor is the key rope is really snug and takes me awhile to get the key out. Sometimes after a surf, I’ll unlock my truck with the key still attached to suit and then change and then get the key out after. I’m getting better at it but even just one more inch of rope would probably do the trick.

Do you plan on making booties?

J. Rowells

J. Fenton

Never felt bogged down, never even felt any water, and suit was super flexible. Long story can’t imagine a better suit on the market right now.

J. Fenton

M. Phelps

I can honestly say that surfing with my Elite 4/3 has dramatically improved my paddling efficiency, endurance, and pop-up speed which equates to greater wave-count.

Increased wave-count has increased the amount of quality waves I ride per session, which has ultimately improved my surfing skills! The fit, the warmth and moreover the light weight has all contributed to what I feel is the best wetsuit on the market. Period!

M. Phelps