How to Get 250+ Days Out of Your Wetsuit – From the Designer of Isurus Wetsuits

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Since I started working with the material and design years ago I have found this product to offer the best re-conditioning elements to the wetsuits.  Highly recommend washing your suit after 7-10 uses in a luke- warm water with a capful or more of Monet Wetsuit Shampoo.  Wash the suit from the inside out and DO NOT RINSE.  Let the suit drip dry with the soap suds (inside and out).  This helps coat the outer jersey and inner layer of neoprene for maximum longevity.

Don’t throw the wetsuit into the back of your trunk after surfing.  Thoroughly dry the suit out of the sun.

My colleagues and I have been able to get 1 ½ to 2 years out of suits by following this.  This is coming from people who surf 3-5 x a week.

For some more insight into maximizing the life of your wetsuit.  Please review here:

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On December 28, 2012

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