Isurus, Washburn & Wilkinson… Ready for Mavs!

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(Ben Wilkinson, Published in Kelp Magazine: Issue 1, Volume 1)












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Article By Bob Driver

The storm gods of the Western Pacific have finally conspired to create a swell large enough to contest Mavs… they have propelled their will across 3000 miles of ocean with enough divine power to cause this cathedral of Northern California big wave surfing to come alive!

Yes, the Mavericks Innovational is happening this Sunday!

Earlier this week Mavs contest director, Jeff Clark, informed the world’s heaviest congregation of big wave surfers to pack their gear and head towards Pillar Point; setting in motion a flurry of activity and excitement not seen in the competitive big wave world since Mavs last went down in February 2010.

For us here at Isurus, this swell brings on an incredible amount of stoke as we prepare to support two of the heaviest waterman in the event, Grant Washburn and Ben Wilkinson.

Last month Big Ben put everyone on notice with his epic stall in the pit on a monstrous wave at Cortez Banks; his picture on Surfline in an I-Elite 333 wetsuit went absolutely viral! Currently ranked #2 on the Big Wave World Tour, Wilko is frothing to advance out of Heat #4 on Sunday and possibly garner himself a BWWT #1 ranking by making the finals.

When it comes to experience at Mavs, few have logged as much water time as Washburn. Known as the Gentle Giant, Grant is always counted among the favorites to win Mavs. If this swell gets as fierce as predicted, watch as many in the line-up will shadow his moves in hopes of gaining from his local knowledge.

So set your alarm for Sunday morning at 7:30am to tune into the webcast… and look for our brave friends competing in Isurus Wetsuits.

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On January 18, 2013

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