Making Believers One Suit at a Time

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Hello, I rarely write letters to companies about their products, but I was so impressed by my new wetsuit that I just had to write you. You see, I am a cold water weenie…I mean that I really hate the cold. As a result, I did not surf much, if at all in the winter. Then I heard about your wetsuits. I asked my wife for a 4/5/4 Evade for Christmas and she wound up calling you guys to talk about fit and size. She got great advice from you and the suit fits perfectly. Well, I paddled out at Pacifica two days ago -water temp 52 degrees F and I was warm – really warm. It was most excellent and I cannot thank you enough. I used to hate the winter but am now a convert and anticipate much surfing year round thanks to you guys. You can consider me a fan for life…your suits ROCK! Thanks again


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On April 18, 2014
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