Privileged to Welcome Big Wave World Champ Grant “Twiggy” Baker to the Isurus Family!

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“I am very pleased to announce becoming an ambassador for and partner
with Isurus Wetsuits.securedownload

I started using their amazing suits this winter in Northern California
and I knew straight away that this was a legitimate, core, surf brand
that I wanted to become involved with. After meeting with Isurus it became apparent that the brand is the real deal and going places fast.

The wetsuits these guys make are next level in technology using Yamamoto neoprene for superior warmth, fit, flexibility and most importantly weight.

Please check out their website and in
particular there technology tab, it’s pretty mind-blowing how far ahead
of the game they are. If you are serious about surfing in cold water and want the very best out of your wetsuits then give these a try!  Thanks Twig”

securedownload copyCheers Twiggy! We would like to formally welcome this legend Grant “Twiggy” Baker to the Isurus family. An icon in big wave surfing taking this years big wave world tour championship race wearing his full compression wetsuit at Nelscott reef. He told us it was the warmest wetsuit he’s worn is such frigid temps.

Twig has been surfing Mavericks for 9+ years, our home break, where our compression suits have been put to the test by locals like Grant Washburn who is a legend, charger, and good friend of Twiggy’s. Not only did he win the Mavericks Invitational this year, he also took the title in 2006. We couldn’t be more stoked to add his experience and knowledge to our team.

Being a part of the big wave surfing game for many years now, at 40, Twig has mastered his skills in big waves as well as small, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing. When he is not scratching into 60 ft faces in cold offshore conditions, he is always thinking of new ways to better the equipment he uses in waves of consequence. Something we like to think about every day too. Congrats to him on his victory, and we are very much looking forward to a great future working together with this human!

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On April 3, 2014
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