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Big Wave World Tour Champion, Grant Twiggy Baker Signs with Isurus WetsuitsGrant Twiggy Baker

Montara, California. April 11, 2014 – Isurus Wetsuits announces signing Big Wave World Tour (BWWT) Champion, Grant Twiggy Baker to its team of surfers.

A Virtual Unknown Takes on the World

Twiggy is a surfer’s surfer, following his dream chasing the biggest waves anywhere he can find them. First coming upon the scene as a wildcard entry at Mavericks in 2006, Twiggy, a virtual unknown, came out of nowhere to win the event. Soon after, Isurus another unknown, started testing its first prototype compression wetsuit with legendary big wave surfer and Ocean Beach resident, Grant Washburn.

“I still remember like it was yesterday”, said Jim Brateris, the designer behind the Isurus wetsuit, “when the contingent of South Africans led by Grant Twiggy Baker descended upon NorCal during the epic El Nino winter of 2010. The lineup at Mavericks and Ocean Beach was buzzing about the South Africans and Twiggy. I said to myself back then Twiggy is the type of surfer who epitomizes what Isurus stands for. A calculated athlete, who pushes the human limits of the sport and their gear.”

The Stars Align

There is something to be said for fate or the stars aligning. The 2013 Body Glove Invitational Mavericks Contest brought Twiggy back to San Francisco in preparation for his second Mavericks victory and to rekindle old friendships with guys like Grant Washburn. From hours spent surfing together, Twig saw the benefits that a compression wetsuit could have on performance.

“Big Wave surfing is a sport where your gear can’t fail you”, said Twig. “It is awesome to see new companies like Isurus innovating. Compression technology in wetsuits just makes so much sense from a performance standpoint.”

Compression Technology – Comes to Surfing

Compression wetsuits are designed to improve surfer performance by increasing blood flow to your muscles. More blood means more oxygen for your muscles and more warmth. Made from the highest grade Japanese neoprene from Yamamoto, the wetsuit panels are anatomically cut to match the natural flow of the surfer’s body for maximum range of motion when paddling.

Compression garments have been widely adopted in virtually all professional sports except surfing. The reason is simple. Compression technology improves athlete performance. The time is right to bring this technology to surfing.

Twig is proof to all those great SA surfers who think leaving home and chasing the dream is an impossible task! If you have the talent and the ‘balls’ then you can do it….Simple! — Wade Eastwood, neighbor of Twiggy Baker in South Africa, Surfline

Isurus is proof to all the garage innovators who think taking on the big boys of the surf industry is an impossible task. We say go for it!

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