What Does Isurus Mean?

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Isurus wetsuis was developed in an operating room in Northern California late one night. Not much different from the birth of a child, it was during this time also then when the name “Isurus” came to Jim as he was trying to figure out which creature of the sea had evolved into the most prolific performance oriented species.  The MAKO SHARK: Isurus being its Latin name, wears its vascular system on the exterior of its body, similar to the design of a wetsuit, allowing it to use less energy, making it one of the fastest creatures in the oceanJust like the Mako Shark needs its vascular system on the outside, we need a wetsuit to act anatomically correct so that we can fully enjoy cold surf, freediving, or any of the water sports we love. The way in which compression garments are designed, make it possible for blood to be directed in a way to deliver oxygen to tired muscles and keep your body warm. The tight fit also keeps water out of the suit and eventually forms to every curve feeling like a second skin.



noun \īˈsu̇rəs\

Large voracious shark found in less temperate climates. Mako, short fin Mako, California Mako,all fall under this category. Known for being fastest shark in the ocean. An average adult specimen will measure around 10 ft in length and weigh from 130–300 lb

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On December 3, 2013
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