A few helpful tips on keeping your wetsuit fresh and clean!

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Let’s be honest most of us don’t take care of our wetsuits as much as we should. We dry them in the sun, don’t rinse them out, we pee in them, etc. We know none of it’s good but we do it anyways.

I know many of you may know all this but we want you to get as many seasons as you can out of your suit!

The good thing is if your in an Isurus the closed cell neoprene that we use doesn’t soak in water like other suits. Which means it will dry in a fraction of the time and in the shade!!! Also the closed cell neoprene doesn’t soak up your pee, so it won’t stink as much either! Enough of the shameless plugs with our suits here are a few tips to keep your suit fresh!

  • Rinse your suits in cool water! Hot water will ruin the suits flexibility.
  • Keep your suits in the shade!!! The sun and neoprene are worst enemies and the sun will always win that battle.
  • Dry your suits inside out. This will help with keeping the flexibility of the suits. Also wouldn’t you rather get into the dry part of your suit?
  • Hang your suit on a hanger at the waist. Handing your suits through the neck will stretch it out and make your suit more susceptible to flushing! If you feel the need to hang it in the neck use a nice broad shoulder (wooden) hanger.
  • Use a wetsuit shampoo. You don’t need to shampoo your suit after every use but by doing it every now and then it will help prevent salt damage. It feel like new and smell good. Here is a link to a good wetsuit shampoo company. McNETT Wetsuit shampoo

Shampoo isn't just for your hair!

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On June 26, 2012

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