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  1. The I-Soldier is the flagship coldwater suit of the line. A true breakthrough in wetsuit advancement. Featuring a liner of specially woven compression material and Yamamoto neoprene that molds to you creating a body armor fit and performance found in no other.
    The I-Soldier 454 provides optimal warmth with the added thermal values of the SCS Ti Tape, Zicronium fleece back, hood, and 5mm insulating Aerodome. The SCS Nano Skin on the shoulders and back maximizes solar absorption, warmth and wind protection. Improved circulation generated from the compression design increases body heat and energy levels, allowing you to Surf Longer and Stay Warmer. The result is a wetsuit that is lightweight and warm with a fit that helps you surf stronger.
  1. Temp Range: 45°F (7°C) and below
  2. SCS/Zicronium Hooded Wetsuit
  3. Compression Technology
  4. New Anti-Flush Open End Front Entry System
  5. 100% Yamamoto Neoprene
  6. Aerodome Technology
  7. Ultra Light – (Doesn’t absorb H20)
  8. Quick Drying – 98% Hydrophobic
  9. SCS Heat retaining cells


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