We stand behind our wetsuits. Truth is that wetsuits require simple care if they are going to perform and wear the way they were intended. Isurus is not responsible for wetsuits that show normal wear and tear over time or show signs of abuse. Knicks, scratches and fading are inevitable, as are tears from the occasional encounter with the elements.


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Dealer and Retail Return Information

Isurus Warranty

We warrant every product we make to be free of manufacturer defects for a period of one year. Should you have a warranty issue, return the item to us.

We will repair it if possible or replace all valid warranty items. California law states that products accepted for review must be clean. Please clean and dry your Isurus product before returning it to us or cleaning charges will apply. It’s not just the law — we don’t like stinky product.

Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims are subject to the approval of Isurus, Inc.
Normal wear and tear, modifications, alterations, negligence, damage and use for a purpose other than for which it was designed, are not covered by the Isurus Warranty.

Repair Charges Will Apply for Repairs Not Covered Under Warranty

Repair charges will be applied for repairs due to non manufacturing defects, modifications, alterations and other repairs not covered under warranty. A repair cost will be quoted before beginning any non warranty repairs.

Returns for Warranty Repair